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Our patients are our walking testimonials and endorsements of the over seven years of R&D that went into the creation of Vitonnix® Sublispray®. Every ingredient in our sprays was included after hours of research, brain storming and efforts to create the best formulation. Hundreds of combinations were tried before finalizing the perfect blends to ensure that our patients and users get RESULTS.

Our team of doctors and pharmacy experts challenged themselves to come up with a formulation that tastes good, feels refreshing and doesn’t leave a bad after-taste that vitamin supplements are notorious for. We wanted to make our Sublispray® efficient, affordable and easy-to-use.

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Product of Extensive Research & Development

Vitonnix® Sublispray® were created by a team of doctors and pharmacy experts after seven years of comprehensive research and development. These nutritional sprays are designed to eliminate all the issues with swallowing medication and poor absorption of nutrients that result from using ordinary vitamin sprays. The unique formulation of ingredients makes Vitonnix® Sublispray® taste great and easy to consume. Above all, they work.


Sprays consist of a unique mix of anti-oxidants to deliver accurate dosage


Achieves quick results while not costing more than other oral supplements


Absorption directly into blood-stream requiring less intake

Why Sublispray®

Majority of diseases are nothing but a manifestation of the sub-optimal functioning of one or more systems/organs of the body. This in most cases, is caused by deficiency of vital nutrients. The secret to vibrant health and vitality is that the nutrient supplements reach the end organs in adequate quantity, and on time. Vitonnix® Sublispray® accomplish this challenge efficiently.

Great Taste & Effective

Doesn’t Cost More than
Oral Supplements

All Natural Vegan

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