Vitonnix Vitamin B12 Oral Sublingual Spray

Say hello to Vitonnix B-12 Sublingual Spray, the breakthrough that uses sublingual magic to boost your energy and vitality. A vitamin B-12 version called cyanocobalamin is your energy’s closest friend, keeping you alert and energetic. This cutting-edge sublingual spray delivers nutrients directly into your circulation, avoiding the tedium of digestion. With only a spritz under your tongue, you’ll be on your way to a focused, invigorated day. Make it an everyday must-have.

Key Benefits:

  • Vitamin B-12: Your energy and focus superhero
  • Packed with cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) for vitality.
  • Elevates your energy levels and sharpens your mind
  • Swift sublingual delivery for lightning-fast results
  • Ideal for the fatigued, the foggy, and the frantic.
  • Boost overall vitality with this vital nutrient.
  • Supports blood cells and your brain’s well-being.
  • A lifesaver for the tired and the time-pressed
  • Veggie-friendly for all

Key Ingredient: Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12)

How To Use

Shake Well: Shake the spray bottle before using it to ensure even formula distribution.
When to Consume?: Take sublingual sprays on an empty stomach for optimal absorption, but it’s also fine with meals.
Under the Tongue: Lift the tongue, reveal the sublingual gland beneath, and spray the recommended dosage under the tongue.
Hold & Swirl: Hold under the tongue for 30 seconds for best mucous membrane absorption; swirl for even distribution.
Avoid Rinsing: Don’t swallow right away. Avoid rinsing or drinking for 5-10 minutes to ensure full absorption.

Recommended Dosage: Spray once under your tongue any time of the day, except 20 minutes before or after a meal, or as advised by a healthcare professional. Stick to the recommended dose; no overdoing it.

Possible Side Effects: Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) is generally friendly. But sometimes, there might be a slight belly rumble. If anything strange occurs, chat with your healthcare professional.

Missed Dose: Oops, I missed a dose. No biggie. Just get back on track tomorrow.


  • Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) is usually safe, but if you’re unsure, ask your healthcare professional.
  • Keep it cool and dry, away from the blazing sun.
  • Kiddos, hands off!
  • Expecting or breastfeeding? Better check with your healthcare professional.

Note: This information is all about sharing and caring, but it’s not a stand-in for professional medical advice. Always run any supplement past your healthcare professional, especially if you’ve got health stuff going on.

Label Claim

Cyanocobalamin2.2 mcg