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The Future of Vitamins

Welcome to the world of Vitonnix – where innovation meets well-being to redefine the future of vitamins.

At Vitonnix, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional supplementation. For over a decade, our team of accomplished doctors and researchers from the United Kingdom has embarked on a journey to revolutionize your health and wellness. The result?

Vitonnix UK Sublisprays® – A game changer in the world of vitamins.

Our Sublisprays are the epitome of effectiveness, offering a proven way to deliver the essential vitamins and supplements your body craves. Through rigorous scientific exploration, we have honed in on precise areas of your body, yielding exceptional results that you can feel.

What sets Vitonnix UK Sublisprays apart is their innovative sublingual delivery method. By placing the spray under your tongue, you allow these vital nutrients to be rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This sublingual approach ensures that the vitamins are delivered with unmatched efficiency, making them readily available for your body to utilize.

We at Vitonnix are committed to providing high-quality and effective vitamin supplements in a convenient spray format that caters to your body’s unique nutritional needs, where every ingredient has been carefully chosen to create the perfect blend that delivers measurable results. 

Benefits of Vitonnix Sublispray

Majority of diseases are caused by deficiency of vital nutrients. The secret to vibrant health and vitality is that the nutrient supplements reach
the end organs in adequate quality, and on time. Vitonnix helps accomplish this challenge efficiently.


All Vegan Ingredients

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Great Taste & High Absoption

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Doesn't Cost More than Tablets


Developed & Trusted by Doctors

Key Highlights:

  • Developed by experienced doctors and pharmacy experts after a decade of comprehensive research
  • Addresses swallowing challenges and enhances nutrient absorption
  • Features a unique formulation for a delightful taste and effortless consumption
  • Embrace the future of vitamin consumption with Vitonnix – where innovation and excellence come together for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

    The Secret to Radiant Health:

    Disease often arises from our body’s systems and organs functioning below their best. And the culprit? A lack of essential nutrients. The key to radiant health is ensuring these vital nutrients reach your body’s core when and where they’re needed most. This is where Vitonnix® Sublisprays® truly shine.

Why Sublispray®

Majority of diseases are nothing but a manifestation of the sub-optimal functioning of one or more systems/organs of the body. This in most cases, is caused by deficiency of vital nutrients. The secret to vibrant health and vitality is that the nutrient supplements reach the end organs in adequate quantity, and on time. Vitonnix® Sublispray® accomplish this challenge efficiently.

Great Taste & Effective

Doesn’t Cost More than Oral Supplements

All Natural Vegan

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Non-Compliance Due to Dysphagia

According to the Harris Interactive Study, 40% of people in the western world would never take a tablet or a capsule, even for a serious condition like epilepsy. Vitamin pills or supplement capsules do not even exist in their dictionary. Though their reluctance could be attributed to psychological causes, a large percentage of such individuals suffer from a medical condition called Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing).

Pill fatigue is also very common in patients with chronic illness and multiple comorbidities, They get tired of swallowing too many pills and avoid swallowing any pill they deem is not absolutely necessary. In such cases, oral nutritional supplements are usually the pills they would avoid taking, adversely affecting their general health and well-being.

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