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Majority of diseases are nothing but a manifestation of the sub-optimal functioning of one or more systems/organs of the body. This in most cases, is caused by deficiency of vital nutrients. The secret to vibrant health and vitality is that the nutrient supplements reach the end organs in adequate quantity, and on time. Vitonnix® Sublispray® accomplish this challenge efficiently.

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Problems Sublispray® Solve

Poor Oral Absorption

Absorption of vitamins and mineral through oral supplements is between 5-10% in healthy intestines. This could be lower in the elderly and the sick. Even in perfectly healthy bodies, after a tough journey through the liver’s robust filtration system and the intestines, the sensitive vitamins do not survive well.

Moreover, a 10-year postmortem based study on 287 sudden deaths of fairly fit people found that 80% of the people had about 80% of their intestinal lumen (space through which the food passes) blocked by stuff that could not be scraped off the intestinal walls. Thus significantly reducing the absorption of vital nutrients.

Oral route is also not the most effective method to consume nutritional supplements for pregnant women, especially in their first trimester of pregnancy when they suffer varying degree of morning sickness. In cases of Hyperemesis (excessive throwing up) the oral route proves to be quite inadequate.

Sublingual- The Magic Route

The efficay of sublingual route is best exemplified by the way heart patients are advised to take medication. These patients are advised to carry tablets with them at all times for Angina (acute chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart). In case they do experience a bout of ischemia leading to Angina, they must immidiately keep a pill under the tongue as the absorption by this route is quick and efficient (close to 90%).

What is laregly unknown is that the sublingual route is the most efficient route not only for the Angina medication, but for any medication. Efficient absorption can significantly reduce the healing and recovery times of a convalescing patient.

When effective absorption of vital nutrients is even more important for nutrients required daily, why not use the most effective route?

Non-Compliance Due to Dysphagia

According to the Harris Interactive Study, 40% of people in the western world would never take a tablet or a capsule, even for a serious condition like epilepsy. Vitamin pills or supplement capsules do not even exist in their dictionary. Though their reluctance could be attributed to psychological causes, a large percentage of such individuals suffer from a medical condition called Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing).

Pill fatigue is also very common in patients with chronic illness and multiple comorbidities, They get tired of swallowing too many pills and avoid swallowing any pill they deem is not absolutely necessary. In such cases, oral nutritional supplements are usually the pills they would avoid taking, adversely affecting their general health and well-being.

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