Our Philosophy

Our patients are our walking testimonials and endorsements of the over seven years of R&D that went into the creation of Vitonnix® Sublispray®. Every ingredient in our sprays was included after hours of research, brain storming and efforts to create the best formulation. Hundreds of combinations were tried before finalizing the perfect blends to ensure that our patients and users get RESULTS.

Our team of doctors and pharmacy experts challenged themselves to come up with a formulation that tastes good, feels refreshing and doesn’t leave a bad after-taste that vitamin supplements are notorious for. We wanted to make our Sublispray® efficient, affordable and easy-to-use.

We also wanted to address the problem of non-compliance seen more commonly in kids and the elderly. Many young and active people also suffer due to medication phobia and swallowing issues. Our Sublispray® technology eliminates this problem in a very affordable fashion. Through our proprietary process, we have been able to include the vital ingredients not commonly found in nutritional supplements.

While nutrition supplements are important for everyone, they are absolutely vital for pregnant women who often suffer with varied degree of morning-sickness especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, making it harder for oral vitamin supplements to be adequately absorbed. With Sublispray®, this problem can be completely eliminated.

We help you take care of yourself and of your family.