Vitonnix Folic Acid Oral Sublingual Spray

Meet Vitonnix Folic Acid Spray, your effortless daily dose of folic acid – the superhero for women planning to conceive and nurture preconception health. This innovation is your secret weapon, swiftly delivering the vital nutrients straight into your bloodstream, skipping the digestive maze. Folic acid is your trusty sidekick, supporting DNA synthesis, cell growth, and red blood cell formation. If you’re prepping for a joyful pregnancy or navigating dietary limits, this spray is your ally.

Key Benefits:

  • Swift Sublingual Spray for Lightning-Fast Absorption
  • Folic acid is your wingman for DNA and RNA, ensuring cell division and tissue growth.
  • Empowering Women on the Path to Motherhood
  • Freedom for Dietary Restrictions
  • It’s the guardian of homocysteine levels, keeping your heart’s peace.
  • A Veggie Delight

Key Ingredients:

  • Folic Acid (aka Vitamin B9)

How To Use

Shake Well: Shake the spray bottle before using it to ensure even formula distribution.
When to Consume?: Take sublingual sprays on an empty stomach for optimal absorption, but it’s also fine with meals.
Under the Tongue: Lift the tongue, reveal the sublingual gland beneath, and spray the recommended dosage under the tongue.
Hold & Swirl: Hold under the tongue for 30 seconds for best mucous membrane absorption; swirl for even distribution.
Avoid Rinsing: Don’t swallow right away. Avoid rinsing or drinking for 5-10 minutes to ensure full absorption.

Recommended Dosage: Spritz 3 shots under your tongue once a day, whenever you like, or as your health advisor suggests. Remember, everyone’s needs are unique, so stay within the recommended dose.

Possible Side Effects: Folic acid is your trusty sidekick – gentle and dependable. Sometimes, a few folks might experience a minor tummy tango. If anything feels unusual, consult your health guide.

Missed Dose: No worries if you miss a dose; there’s no need for a double dose. Just resume your regular routine the next day.


  • Keep it cool and dry, away from the sun’s spotlight.
  • Guard it from curious little ones.

Label Claim

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)175 mcg