Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the supply of each Vitonnix® Sublispray® last?

Every bottle lasts for at least one month. Some bottles last longer.

How many shots of Vitonnix® Sublispray® do I need to use?

The number of spray shots required in each product is mentioned on the label of the product.

What is the shelf life of the Vitonnix® Sublispray®?

18-24 months.

Is there a particular time of the day when it is best to use Vitonnix® Sublispray®?

As the Sublispray® bypasses all gastric routes, it doesn’t matter.

Do I need to take the Vitonnix® Sublispray® with food or drink or at any particular time?

Not needed. The Vitonnix® Sublispray® bypasses the GI route and hence can be taken at any time of the day. The active ingredients are delivered directly into the bloodstream via the mucosal surfaces.

Should I take all spray shots together or spread them throughout the day?

Totally your choice. Advice is to wait at least 10 minutes between two different Sublispray®.

I take medication, are there any contraindications with the usage of the product?

There are no known interactions with any product of Vitonnix® Sublispray®. But it’s always better to check with your doctor in case you are on some treatment or having some particular condition.

Can any of the Vitonnix® Sublispray® products cause changes in urine color?

Any supplement, especially multi-ingredient products can cause a change in color for a few hours after consuming the supplement. If this persists for over 2-3 days after stopping the Sublispray®, please see the doctor for a check.

Are the entire products vegan?

Yes. All Vitonnix® Sublispray® products are vegan.

The pump on my Vitonnix® Sublispray® has stopped working. What do I do now?

This is extremely rare but possible and can happen due to temperature changes or some precipitate sticking on the opening. If the too cold temperature seems to have caused it, just run it under warm water for a few seconds and try to pump it a few more times. Cleaning the opening well often does the trick and its back to normal functioning. However, if it is still blocked; a new bottle will be provided to you if you can send in that pump back to the shipping place.

Is Vitonnix® MultiVitSublispray® suitable for children?

Yes. We have many multivitamin products that are specific for the specific ages of the group and it is mentioned on the product itself. For children, we recommend our specially formulated MultiVit Junior Sublispray®. This is suitable from 3 years and above.

Is the Vitonnix® MultiVitSublispray® suitable for those with special dietary requirements?

Vitonnix® MultiVitSublispray® is fully suitable for vegetarians.

Do higher weight people need to take more than the standard dose?

Not really. The doses of Vitonnix® Sublispray® work well for almost all. For kids, there are different formulations for different age ranges.

Can the dose be taken with food/ drink?

We recommend a break of around 20 minutes after taking the Vitonnix® Sublispray®.

Why use Spray Vitamins rather than pills, capsules, syrups, chewies, etc.?

It is fully explained in the introduction video on the home page. Vitonnix® Sublispray® are effective and get results.

Are there any chances of having an allergic reaction?

Since Vitonnix® Sublispray® are all made using natural ingredients and no animal products used wither, there is a very rare and slim chance of any reaction.

Any storage instructions?

Ideal to keep Vitonnix® Sublispray® away from direct sunlight and away from extreme cold.

Are there any chances of discoloration?

Vitonnix® Sublispray® is to be sprayed beneath the tongue and rarely any such problem. Even if it does, it is very temporary, lasting for only a few minutes/hours.

Can the Curcumin oral Sublispray® be used during pregnancy?

Ideally not. Please consult your doctor before using it. We do not recommend the use during pregnancy.

Can I take the multiple/variety oral sprays together?

Yes. All products of Vitonnix® Sublispray® work well in conjunction with each other without any contraindication. Please consult your doctor for any specific needs. All dosage levels within the sprays are well within the safe upper limit to ensure no overdosing when combined.

Can I mix the sprays with food/drink?

The Sublispray® are formulated and developed to exploit the rich mucosal surface as explained in the home page video. Extensive trials were done with these products. There is no need to mix with food. In fact, we recommend no food or drink for about 20 minutes after using Vitonnix® Sublispray® to give it an ideal chance to be absorbed.