Effect Of A Nutritional Supplement As We Get Older

Effect Of A Nutritional Supplement As We Get Older

People aged above forty suffer from a variety of chronic disorders such as cardiovascular disease (CVD). As per the report “ Keep Fit for Life,” published jointly by who and Tufts University, heart disease is among the leading causes of deaths in older individuals in industrialized countries. Mature people age forty and above often suffer from an irritable mood, feeling of anxiety, and reduced body stamina.

Vitonnix® Cardiovit provides the key ingredients for adequate functioning of good cardiac and overall health as an effective supplement. It is made using Sublispray® Technology.

The trial was done to examine the effect of a nutritional on cardiovascular health, body stamina, and mood of people aged forty and above.

A TA double-blind study was conducted on over a large cohort of male and female participants of age 40-75. Participants suffering from any major cardiovascular problem were excluded from the study. No participant was consuming any nutritional supplement product for at least 2 years before the start of the study. The participants were equally divided into two groups viz. test and placebo.

The Vitonnix® Cardiovit spray was administered to the test group. The placebo group received a marketed vitamin D sublingual spray. The blood lipid profile of each participant was checked at 0, 3, and 6 months during the study. The effect of Cardiovit spray-on mood and body stamina of the participants was examined through a questionnaire-based survey. In this survey, scores were given on a scale of 1-10 from each participant on his/ her subjective feeling on body stamina and mood.

A significant improvement was found in multiple parameters, objectively and subjectively in people, and the cardiovit has been recommended by many cardiologists as a “must-have” for all its patients.

Cardiovit Sublispray® significantly improves cardiovascular health, body stamina, and mood of the trial participants.